About me

I am originally from Zagreb, Croatia (currently Barcelona, Spain). I have left finance career and found a passion for software development. I have hatched a three step plan to become a software developer in a years time:

  1. Learn Ruby/Rails/Javascript
  2. Don't give up while doing the steps above and below
  3. Get a job
  4. Never stop learning!

When I’m not writing code, you’ll find me reading a book, planning my next trip, or hiking up a mountain.

Projects I worked on


BlueSun ( Code , Demo )

A weather forecast demo project built with React, Redux, DarkSky API, featuring weather data visualization, weather units and favorite/recent locations.


PeopleBook ( Code , Demo )

A social network clone built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript, styled with SemanticUI, featuring real time conversations (ActionCable) and search (Elasticsearch).

Bright Events

Bright Events ( Code , Demo )

Eventbrite clone built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript, styled from ground up using vanilla CSS Grid, featuring geocoded events and Google maps API.


Hang-a-Droid ( Code , Demo )

Hangman, but with a droid. Backend built using Sinatra, frontend vanilla Javascript, styled from ground up using SASS, featuring saving and loading games.

Caesar cipher

Caesar cipher ( Code , Demo )

Application to encrypt or decrypt a piece of text using popular Caesar cipher. Built with Ruby, Sinatra and Coffeescript.


Etch-a-sketch ( Code , Demo )

Virtual clone of a popular kid's toy. Built using only CSS, Javascript, jQuery and HTML5.

Building blocks

Building blocks ( Code )

Many small projects built to learn building blocks of Ruby and Javascript - algorithms, data structures, scripting etc.